Anne Léger, Kjersti Johannessen, Toril Bonsaksen

Anne Léger makes jewelry at the intersection of painting, sculpture and architecture. Your jewelry will be built up or they compose as small architectural works. Different woods such as rosewoods, ebony, nut and fruit trees is a part of a form and color games together with metal, enamel and stone. Piece by piece is assembled into complex structures that can build in memory of architecture principles. She is experimenting with color and geometry, while jewelry refers to the body and the changes in nature. 

Kjersti Johannesens sculptures in glass is inspired by her upbringing in Northern Norway and of light refractions in the ocean surface. She has chosen to create beautiful transparent objects for the audience to reflect on the glass as a material, and the unique features it has. these objects are open right through and they are transparent, you can see through them from all angles. The light reveals and shows you all the angles in glass form. 

This is what Toril Bonsaksen says about her work:
«Though a bird`s eye view, stories of life, migration, identity, alienation and inner turmoil is told. 

Consistently for material usage is that the material often carries a story in itself. this was the main reason why I started to work with cutlery. By looking at different cutlery, one can see associations with lived life. Cutlery is highly symbolic because it`s something we use to eat with and keep us alive. 

Anne Léger - jewelry
Kjersti Johannessen - glass
Toril Bonsaksen - jewelry



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