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Henrik Ibsen - a boy from Skien

Henrik Ibsen was born on the 20 th of March 1828, to parents Knud and Marichen Ibsen.

He spent the first fifteen years of his life there.

At the time Skien was a lively trading town with a population of approximately 3000. Both of Henrik Ibsen´s parents belonged to the town´s most powerful trading families. 

The city fire in 1886 reduced Skien to ruins and Skien that made such an impression on Henrik Ibsen as a child was lost. The only autentic area left from Henrik Ibsen´s time is found along the street Snipetorp.

Skien municipality has created its own "Ibsen hiking book", which you can get free at Skien Tourist Office (service office in Skien municipality). This booklet will illustrate and easily guide you through Ibsen's Skien and give you interesting information about other Ibsen related topics in the city.


3732 Skien

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