Island hopping

Island Hopping in Grenland

The ferry services from Brevik to Langesund and on to Helgeroa open up all kinds of exciting possibilities for excursions. Take the boat from one island to the next and explore each of them on foot or by bike. Here are a few suggested itineraries.

Hiking on Sandøya

The trail around the island is suitable for hikers of all ages and abilities.

The trail takes you through the picturesque community on Sandøya and across the Flyndresundet narrows to the neighbouring island of Løvøya, with its mixture of holiday homes and rolling, unspoiled forest. A waymarked side trail leads to the barn at Nordre Løvøya farm, where there are open fields and beaches where you can take a dip. Overnight camping permitted. Washrooms and water stations. Designated fire pit. During the summer months, a direct ferry runs between Nordre Løvøya and Brevik.

Dikkon is one of many great places to go swimming on Sandøya.


Take your bike on the boat to Langesund

Enjoy a wonderful boat ride from Brevik through the archipelago to Langesund. The town of Langesund is teeming with life in the summer, and there’s always plenty going on. Get on your bike for a ride down Vaterlandsgate, ending up at Furustranda beach. From here, you have a great view of Langøytangen lighthouse and the open sea beyond. Return by way of Tangen Fort, where you can park your bike right at the entrance to the fort. At the very tip of the Tangen headland, enjoy incredible views down the Bamble coast and across the fjord to Helgeroa. The Langesund area is one of the most popular parts of Bamble district with cyclists.


Steinvika – part of Gea Norvegica

Steinvika is a fine sight, both on a lovely summer’s day and when a storm is raging. With its smooth pebbles and steep rocks, this beautiful bay is a must-see for visitors to Langesund. Gea Norvegica has erected information panels about the location’s geology. The rock types found at Steinvika were formed way back in the Paleozoic era, between 451 and 461 million years ago, toward the end of the Ordovician period. At that time, the land mass that is now Norway lay 30 degrees south of the equator and was part of a large continental plate known as Baltica. Thanks to the right conditions for preservation, we find many organisms of the period fossilized in the rocks at Steinvika. The term “fossils” includes remains, petrified matter, impressions and tracks (trace fossils) left behind by organisms in earlier times.

After a day in Langesund, it’s time to get back on your bike and return to Brevik, about 10 km away. You have a choice between the coastal route and the high road. If you choose the high road, stop in at Eik Gård, about 5 km out from Langesund. This historic farm is now part of the Bamble Museum.


By boat from Brevik to Helgeroa

From Midsummer onward, a ferry service operates between Helgeroa in Vestfold and Langesund. This makes it possible to spend an entire day riding the ferries from Brevik to Langesund and then on to Helgeroa. You can go island hopping, visiting Sandøya, Løvøya and Bjørkøya en route to Langesund. Then continue across the mouth of the fjord to Helgeroa. The crossing from Langesund takes about an hour, giving you ample opportunity to take in the beauty of Grenland’s islands and skerries. Cyclists have the option of making their own way back from Helgeroa by road. Alternatively, you can explore the surrounding area before returning by ferry to Langesund. If you arrive back in Langesund in the afternoon, you will have to cycle back to Brevik. For non-cyclists, a bus service runs every 30 minutes.


Langøya, the island just off Langesund, is a great spot for hiking, swimming and fishing. A free ferry service operates from Langesund to Langøya Hovedgård, a restaurant located in what used to be the island’s main farmhouse. This is the ferry that continues to Helgeroa (see above). There are plans to deploy a second vessel on the route.


Sail among the islands from Langesund to Brevik

The ferry service from Langesund takes you on a fabulous journey through the beautiful archipelago off Brevik. Brevik itself is famous for its ice cream, so why not enjoy a delicious cone on the waterfront? Don’t miss the civic museum with its fascinating local history exhibits.

Ferry schedules are available here

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